Real Subliminal Attract Money In Abundance Review

July 4, 2010Leave a reply

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Draws its inspiration from the Law of attraction, this audio uses subliminal affirmations to help you focus both your conscious and subconscious thoughts and actions to obtain exactly what this subliminal is all about — attracting money


Product Information

Company: Real Subliminal
Product Title: Attract Money In Abundance Mp3
Lowest Price: $11.97
Music: Rain Forest, Ocean Waves, Silent Track
Number testing product out: 4 people
Company recommended weeks to see results: 3 weeks
Website: Real subliminal

What we Thought

Over all the results have been positive but reviewers were maybe overly optimistic thinking that bags of money that would appear on their door step. Reviewer comments:

  • One indicated she had a stronger desire for money and physically worried less about not having enough money.
  • Another mentioned he received a couple of calls out of the blue during the review period from previous associates. These associates had some potential money making ventures they wanted him to look at.
  • One reviewer said it got him thinking about what he could be doing on the side to make a little extra money and then he came across one that fit him perfectly which he is now pursuing.

Even though the reviewers were overly optimistic about receiving cash at their door step and didn’t, I can’t help to see clear results that this subliminal works but not necessarily in the way that reviewers were anticipating. When asked if they would pay $12 for this they all said yes.

About Real Subliminal

They are a business based out of England and have been in business for over 4 years. They have a clean user friendly website and secure payment process.

They offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – no strings attached return policy and seem honor it — we haven’t been able to find any consumer complaints to date.

If you have questions about their products they respond within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

See what clients are saying by going to Real Subliminal website

Detailed Product Information

Taken from the Real Subliminal website – Attract Money in Abundance product description:

  • Reprogram your mind to manifest your desires into money in abundance and financial freedom for life.
  • Align your unconscious mind with your specific money attraction goals.
  • Remove any mental barriers to your success and keep negative energy and thoughts away.
  • Reprogram your mind into a permanent positive state.
  • Focus your mind into a strong state of belief – belief that you will make the law of attraction work for you and achieve financial freedom.
  • Subliminally charge yourself into an optimum permanent state of motivation to achieve your desires in terms of attracting money.