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Do Subliminal and Self Hypnosis CDs work?

The answer is YES and it will work for you to. This entire website came to fruition to help you answer that question and understand the facts and realities behind the best Subliminal and Self Hypnosis audio on the market.

What you should know:

1 Not all hypnosis products are created equal.
2 Subliminal Audio differs from self-hypnosis.
3 Which subliminal products show the best results.
4 Which hypnotists produces the best hypnosis products.
5 Which companies produce overall the best hypnosis download MP3 or CD products.
Results of the October hypnosis Poll

After reviewing the results we were surprised that Self Hypnosis came out ahead. After review some comments and following up with practitioners of hypnosis, most people are buying Subliminal Audios and MP3 because of the convenience factor.

Poll Question: What Hypnosis works best for you?
Coming soon we will have many vidoes relating to:
  • Hypnosis Downloads
  • Hypnosis CD Audios
  • Subliminal Audio MP3
  • and much more.
Hypnosis Audio coming soon

Subliminal and Hypnosis Product Reviews

You are probably wondering if subliminal audio messages and self hypnosis really work. There are a bunch of claims on TV, the Internet, and in books that are promising marvelous changes.

  1. Are these claims real and can they really help you?
  2. How do I use them?
  3. Can I screw my self up, etc.
The answer to these questions are 1) some of them, 2) we let you know on every product we review, 3) no. We will provide you with unbiased reviews (as much as possible) on all the subliminal CD/Mp3 and self hypnosis products we review.  How do we get our products to review, you might be wondering? A combination of generous donations from website visitors and our personal contributions to this project. Read More

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